Summary: Part time, 8 week contract to manage the day-to-day/week-to-week production of Riddle Fence Arts and Culture Journal for the upcoming Spring Issue (#32). There is the possibility, after an evaluation period, of expanding the contract to repeat 3 times each year (8 weeks for producing each issue).

Compensation: $1600 for the 8 week contract. (Based on 10 hrs/ week at $20/hr).

Work hours: This is a contract to complete the task of managing production of one issue of Riddle Fence. The hours in a given day/week may vary. The Production Manager (PM) will be expected to execute tasks to deadline in whatever time that takes, but it is not estimated to take more than 10 hours per week. There are no set “office hours,” but during this 8 week period the successful applicant will respond to all relevant communications in a timely manner (usually within 1 day or less). PM will keep track of their hours (this will help in the evaluation process of this new position upon completion of the contract.)


Oversee all aspects of production related to Issue 32.

Hub of communication between all members of the production team: content editors, graphic designer, copy editor, printers and the Executive Director. 

Attend any relevant meetings.

The PM will answer to the Board of Directors and should expect active support from the board, but the PM will manage their own time and have a high degree of autonomy on a day-to-day basis. 

Support the production team in all their various tasks and keep each one on deadline.

Move content through production from editors to design/copy-editing to printing and through distribution.

Contact contributors, collect contracts/bios/contact info.

Choose pull quotes from copy. 

Check proofs during both copy-editing and printing processes.

Maintain/update/check subscription roll spreadsheets. 

Keep log of how/how many hours spent on tasks. (This is not for micromanaging the PM through the contract but for helping to evaluate and improve the position for the future once the contract is complete)

Identify and solicit potential advertisers; maintain relationships with current/potential advertisers.

Support the Executive Director in marketing the issue and in preparations for the issue launch event.


Communication: You will wish you were herding cats. Instead you will be herding artists, writers, freelancers and volunteers. You must not only answer your emails/messages, you must somehow divine how to get these other overworked and oft else-where focused individuals to answer their emails/messages. A sense of camaraderie, humility and humour may be as helpful as a sense of duty. They will all have deadlines, but only you will be accountable for those deadlines. You have to kick everyone’s behind and ensure they happy to do it all over again in a few months. You must also speak/write clearly and appropriately for your audience and you must read emails all the way to the end.

Acute Awareness of the Passage of Time: Did we mention deadlines are important? 

Attention to detail: There may be many “a slip ‘twixt the cup and the lip” but there are many more slips between the handoffs of each limb of a production team. Imagine your feet must do something that feet are really good at, like walking, yay! But then those feet must hand off a hard copy of those steps taken to the hands, who will knit a cozy for that step-tally. You know what feet aren’t good at? Writing things or handing things. And so it goes. The PM will understand the vision of the final product and bring out the best in each limb, while smoothing wrinkles and putting saucers under cups at each stage. 

Flexibility and Problem Solving: Things go wrong. Contributors drop off the face of email and write their own phone numbers incorrectly and have to be tracked down via their weird twitter aliases to make sure contracts get signed and artists get paid. Printers suddenly insist that the exact same size file they have been printing for years now, somehow fits differently on the same paper and printing is delayed as you track down the designer to confirm that is bogus, and then find the original price estimates from the printer and then get all these elements together in 6 hrs even though one person only responds via messenger and the printer’s middle man prefers phone calls and no one is ever allowed to speak directly to the person at the print machine because that would be too easy. Remember, your job will be to deliver a gorgeous journal on an agreed upon day. How you do it may look like magical ballet or the kitchen of the only diner in town at rush hour, but as long as the soup reaches the table tasting “like store bought,” the audience cheers, and the wait staff and dancers are all convinced they are the ones responsible for the success and clamour to come back next time, then you just may be our Production Manager! If you can do all this and enjoy it, well… welcome to the club!!!

Relevant work experience/education:

1+ years in either Arts Administration or Publishing, 

Communications, marketing, and ad sales experience a major plus.

Bachelor’s Degree relevant to writing/communication (or proof you can write and communicate effectively in a wide variety of contexts).

Bartending (who better knows how to hear individuals through chaos, keep everyone happy, and maintain a sense of self/focus?

Send expressions of interest and/or CV to riddlefence1@gmail.com

Deadline: February 4th , 2019